Our Mission:

The United Sportsmen's Company (USC) mission is not merely to protect "The right to keep and bear arms" or the right to hunt. We as United Sportsmen must protect all rights - they are one! We must change our buying and voting habits.

Future generations may someday thank sportsmen for protecting American Freedom.

Our rights to hunt or bear arms are exactly equal to our rights of free speech or freedom of religion. USC feels freedoms and equality must never be compromised! We as United Sportsmen hold the key, freedom is at stake!!!

The dedicated team at
United Sportsmen's Company

To learn more please call 1-(815) 232-5428.

Our Vision:

Let us dream for a moment... all sportsmen across the World buying goods and services primarily from companies that support USC's position. Our buying power would be the largest on Earth. We are forming a directory and an e-commerce site comprised of companies that support United Sportsmen's position. Our directory will include everything from boots to beer, airlines to automobile manufacturers. Many companies will benefit greatly from sportsmen's dollars and loyalty. We strongly encourage sportsmen to support each other.

Our Business Plan:

A portion of all product sales and advertisements will go directly into USC. Moneys raised from fund raisers and donations will go directly into this foundation.

Your Dollars At Work

Our Main Objectives:

  1. Open more existing public land for hunting. Hunters rights are equal to other outdoor enthusiasts rights, let's visualize a youth or handicap hunt in Yellowstone.
  2. Buy or lease more land in areas near large cities so that many inner city kids will have a chance to participate.
  3. Provide more positive shooting sports material for the media.
  4. Help elect candidates; locals, state and federal, that support sportsmen.
  5. Educate the public about sportsmen's donation to wildlife habitat. To protect and play a more active role in overseeing these funds ("Pitman Robertson", hunting licenses and stamps, etc.)

To learn more please call 1-(815) 232-5428.
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